CAIE® Registry

Chartered AI Engineers (CAIE)® are qualified AI engineers possessing technical competencies and experiences to build AI solutions and put them into production. AI Professionals Association is the conformity assessment body for CAIE® qualifications.

The public can find the list of Chartered AI Engineers in the directory below. All information is correct as at date of issuance of certificate and updated from time to time.

Chartered AI Engineer (CAIE)® Level 2

Practicing AI professionals who lead AI engineering teams. They align project outcomes with business goals and set up appropriate processes to monitor the effectiveness of deployed AI solutions to deliver business value.

Chartered AI Engineer (CAIE)® Level 1

Working professionals with technical skills to develop AI solutions. They draw relationships between an AI project and its relevance to business and design a solution to meet the project deliverables.

Associate AI Engineer

Students, fresh graduates or working professionals with basic technical skills and knowledge to be part of a AI project team.