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Chartered AI Engineers (Level 2) are Working professionals who are team leads for AI engineers. They are able to manage projects as well as business stakeholders, both internal and external. They can see how the projects fit into the department’s business process and needs and are able to set up the appropriate process to monitor the effectiveness of the AI models that are implemented. They can architect the necessary AI modules to ensure successful deployment of machine learning models.

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Frequently Asked Questions


This is a professional qualification for conferring credentials on those who meet the assessment criteria based on competencies listed in the Chartered AI Engineer (CAIE) Handbook. The Chartered AI Engineer is not a course or an academic examination. Assessment is carried out by Industry Professionals & qualified Chartered AI Engineers.

This varies with the certification level: 2 years for Associate; 3 years for Level 1; 4 years for Level 2; and indefinite validity for CAIE Level 3 (subject to the recipient meeting T&Cs).


Please refer to the Chartered AI Engineer Handbook for details.

There is no quota. Each applicant is assessed based on his/her competencies.

In developing the Chartered AI Engineer Professional Qualification, AIP worked closely with MNCs, LLEs, SMEs and startups to map our competency requirements to real-world AI talent needs. The qualification therefore validates that successful applicants have attained the competencies required by employers. Do note that this is not an academic programme and does not test applicants on their academic abilities.

For more details on the competencies and work experience required, please refer to the Chartered AI Engineer Handbook

We work with closely with companies on a continuous basis to strengthen and drive Chartered AI Engineer Professionals Qualification.


Yes, anyone with the requisite knowledge and competencies can attempt the technical test and assessment interview to qualify for the Associate AI Engineer qualification.

Yes, working adults who have no working experience in AI but have embarked on self-directed learning may attempt the technical test/assessment interview leading to the AI Associate Engineer. For more information, please refer to the Chartered AI Engineer Handbook.

Application Fee

Application Process

You can check the timeline for the latest application run in the timeline section above.

Application Submission

The submission instructions will be included in the technical test document that will be sent to candidates. Do take note that the maximum file size for the submission is 5MB.

For AI Certified Associate Engineer, the assessment will be in the form of a technical test with Programming (eg. Python, R or hybrid of different languages) required. The assessment will focus more on the quality, integrity and cleanliness of the code/pipeline and the overall solution.


For Chartered AI Engineer Level 1 and 2, the assessment will be in the form of a written report. There is no restriction on the choice of platforms and libraries used to develop and deploy the AI solution, as long as the candidate is able to demonstrate that it has met end users’ requirements successfully.

We advise candidates to seek permission from the company/organisation before they make use of any confidential information in their technical report. The technical report will be used strictly for the assessment of the applicant and will not be shared outside of relevant members of the assessment panel.

We accept reports on products that have been deployed in industry as long as they fulfil the requirements for size, value and complexity according to each certification level.

We will assess the relevant project costs ie. manpower costs, compute costs as well as any other costs related to the design, development and/or deployment of the AI product. These information should be included in the submitted technical report.

We provide a template for the technical report which includes some guiding questions.

Certification Renewal

You may start applying for renewal six months before your Chartered AI Engineer qualification expires. For more information, please email to

Only those who are still active in AI or a related field will be able to apply for Professional Qualification Renewal.

Chartered AI Engineers are expected to engage in Continuous Professional Development in the field of AI, and renewal allows them to demonstrate their currency in their knowledge, skills and experience.

Verifiable learning hours, or hours spent on self-directed learning, can be accumulated by attendance at enrolled courses with learning providers, online courses, reading books/publications/research papers, as well as attending conferences. Please refer to Continuous Professional Development Handbook for more details.

For enrolled courses:
Indicate the course title
Upload the certificate of completion
Indicate your estimated learning time in the application form


For online courses:
Indicate the course title
Upload the statement of completion/attainment
Indicate your estimated learning time in the application form


For books, publications and research papers:
Indicate the title of book/publication/research paper
Indicate the date you completed your self-directed learning
Enter the number of hours you took


For attendance at conferences:
Indicate the name of the conference
The dates attended
The total number of hours you spent at the conference


CAIE 3 is conferred only upon recommendation and evaluation, and is therefore not open for application. The award process is conducted once a year through nominations by recognised leaders in the AI field and AIP’s partner organisations. For more information, please email to

You may send your nominations to

The qualification is open for applications twice a year. The dates for the next round are as follows:
AI Assoc: 3 May – 23 July 2021
CAIE 1 & 2: 3 May – 30 June 2021