AI Professionals Association (AIP) is the first grassroot-driven Association for
engineers and professionals working in AI-related roles founded in Singapore.


AIP aims to build an ecosystem that support the growth and usage of Artificial Intelligence to build a better society. To that, the Association will drive an active and vibrant community of AI certified engineers, technologists and practitioners, to come together to learn, to collaborate and to proactively harness the economics and scientific potential of AI for the betterment of humanity.

The community aims to gather and provide resources, through strength in community, to passionate individuals for them to level up their AI capabilities, and at the same time making a meaningful contribution to society, and to organizations so that they can use AI ethically and with confidence.

The Association will always look for ways to assist our members in extending their AI footprints, regardless of individuals, businesses or charitable organization because we strongly believe that AI, when used with careful thoughts and measured approach, will be a tool that allow humanity to advance further.